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Wanted Wanted Wanted Wanted
Wanted Wanted Wanted Wanted

Information This page grows and changes as my interests and hobbies change. If you have anything that you are interested in selling to me, please contact me at Due to my severe asthma, I will only purchase items that are in mint or like new condition, no smells, no musty odor, no mold, no animal dander, no rat droppings, and nothing that was stored in dirty basements or garages.

Vintage Stereo Equipment

Red Bullet   Pioneer SPEC 1, 2, 3, and 4 components, manuals, and sales literature.
Red Bullet   Pioneer SPEC system racks, JA-R1 and JA-R2S, and metric hardware.
Red Bullet   Pioneer JA-R101, -R102, -R104, -R105, -R106 rack mount kits.
Red Bullet   Pioneer Series 20 turntable (PLC-590 with PA-1000 tonearm).
Red Bullet   Pioneer SD-1000 and SD-1100 stereo display units.
Red Bullet   Other 1978 to 1981 era silver faced Pioneer equipment.
Red Bullet   Silver era speakers (Yamaha NS-1000, Pioneer HPM, AR, and Kef).
Collectible Farm Toys

Red Bullet   I collect Oliver, Cockshutt, Minneapolis Moline, Hart Parr, and Cletrac.
Red Bullet   Oliver want list includes 660, 12xx, 13xx, 14xx, 950, Red 1555.
Red Bullet   Oliver standard and industrial chassis models.
Red Bullet   Custom Oliver farm tractors and farm implements.
Red Bullet   Cockshutt 1850 (two tone paint).
Red Bullet   Cockshutt 550 standard 2-tone w/3 point hitch by Teeswater.
Red Bullet   Yoder Super 55/550 (red, yellow, Cockshutt 2-tone, green w/red wheels).
Red Bullet   Minneapolis Moline want list includes a mint G1000.
Red Bullet   1/50 scale Caterpillar construction toys and Grove cranes.
Aviation Collectibles

Red Bullet   Aircraft models issued by airplane manufactures for advertising.
Red Bullet   Trading cards that feature pictures of airplanes, compete sets only.
Red Bullet   Cigarette, tobacco, and tea cards that feature pictures of airplanes.
Miscellaneous Items

Red Bullet   Land - small acreage either on the Mississippi River, or with a Mississippi River view. Prefer southern Wisconsin, southern Minnesota, or northern Iowa.

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