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Aviation History And Aircraft Photography

Virtual Aerospace Museum Tours

Wings Over The Rockies Air & Space Museum

Wings Of The Rockies Air & Space Museum Hangar

The Wings Over The Rockies Air & Space Museum is located on the grounds of the former Lowry Air Force Base on the east side of Denver, Colorado. Lowry was established in 1938 and long served as a technical training base for the US Army and US Air Force. The base closed in 1994. It has since been redeveloped into a housing subdivision, but some military buildings have found a second life. Lowry had a collection of aircraft that was displayed outdoors. It also had a few aircraft that were used in the technical school. Those aircraft are now housed indoors in the former Air Force hangar #1.

Museum Tour Page #2 - Century Series Aircraft
Museum Tour Page #3 - Bomber Aircraft
Museum Tour Page #4 - Fighter Aircraft

Christen Eagle
A pair of Christen Eagles hang from the ceiling of the display hangar. The Eagle was developed to be an unlimited aerobatic aircraft that was both stable and had a high roll rate. The distinctive paint job makes the Eagle look just as good as it flies.

Nord 3202
The Nord 3202 is a french built trainer aircraft. One prototype and 100 production examples were built in the late 1950s for the French army. The aircraft is painted with the French national colors and invasion stripes on the wings. This is not an authentic paint scheme, but it sure does look nice on this airplane.

UC-45 Expeditor
The C-45 Expeditor, based on the Beechcraft Model 18, is a utility aircraft that was widely used during and after World War II. More than 9,000 were built in dozens of configurations and was operated by more than 40 nations. This aircraft was delivered to the US Army in 1943 as an AT-11 Kansan to be used as a navigation trainer. After the war, it was converted back to the cargo configuration and designated UC-45.

Cessna U-3A
The U-3A is the USAF version of the civilian Cessna 310 light twin aircraft. It was purchased as an L-27A liaison aircraft, but was later redesignated as the U-3A after the great renumbering in the early 1960s. This type was often called the Blue Canoe due to its paint scheme.

H-21 Shawnee
The H-21 helicopter was designed and built by Piasecki Helicopter, later known as Vertol Aircraft. The US Army version was named the Shawnee, while the US Air Force version was called the Workhorse. These nicknames were rarely used given that most everyone referred to the H-21 as the Flying Banana. This is an Army H-21C, but it is displayed in the markings and colors of a USAF H-21B.

Murray Model T
This is a homebuilt Murray Model T helicopter.

The photo below is a 3/4 scale X-Wing fighter spacecraft built to promote the Star Wars films. It is on long term loan from Lucasfilms.

Lucasfilms X-Wing

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