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US Manned Spacecraft History And Photography

US Manned Spacecraft — The Survivors

These pages document the location of all know US spacecraft that flew in space with at least one human on board. I have not counted those that are boiler plates, test articles, or those who flew with dogs or primates on board. There are others who have documented to this level of detail, so I choose not to dive in that deeply. Click the photos or links below to see details on each of the manned spacecraft survivors.

Mercury Spacecraft Project Mercury Spacecraft

Mercury is a 1 person spacecraft whose goal was to prove that humans could survive in space and operate equipment in zero gravity.

Gemini Spacecraft Project Gemini Spacecraft

Gemini is a 2 person spacecraft whose goal was to prove the processes that would be required for a moon shot, including space walks, long duration flights, and docking with other space vehicles.

Apollo Spacecraft Project Apollo Spacecraft

Apollo is a 3 person spacecraft built for the moon exploration program. It was envisioned to be used for a series of follow-on applications, but all of those programs were cut except Skylab.

Space Shuttle Spacecraft Space Transportation System

The Space Shuttle was designed to be a reusable vehicle providing routine access to space. While it has not lived up to its design goals, it still flies 8 to 10 flights a year and supports the International Space Station.

Note—click on photo or text link above for more information about each spacecraft.

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